Creativity Octant – Phase 1

I’m not sure where my post went for the activities I did for the Phase 1 of the creativity octant so here it is again!

Phase 1 of an octant must be about trying new things and should last for a couple of hours. These are the experiences I had to achieve Phase 1 of the Creativity Octant…

Phase 1: Bake a chocolate & mango cake

As part of the hostess badge the Brownies were working on, the girls wanted to bake a cake. With little knowledge on baking I decided to have a test run at home. I found a great recipe in the 2014 Brownie Annual and used this, as including chocolate and mango made the cake appear yellow and brown, like Brownies!

I learnt to put more icing sugar into the icing mixture, as what I created turned into a runny mess! I somehow expected the icing to set once I spread it on top. I also forgot to include milk into the chocolate sponge mixture so this came out quite dry.

My second attempt came out a lot better, the sponge was softer and the icing was more firm. It was interesting to use mango in one of the sponges and the icing, I would never imagine putting fruit into a cake mix.

I used this experience to help the Brownie make a great cake between them, which we all enjoyed!


Phase 1: Try creating ‘feltie’ characters

Inspired by a book I was given as a present (“Felties” by Nelly Pallioux) I decided to try and stitch a ‘feltie’ character. The pattern for this dog was taken from the book.

To make this character first I made templates of each piece and cut them out of felt. The eyes are two small beads stitched to the felt, and the nose is also stitched. Some parts are glued together and then the head a body pieces were made of two same sized pieces of felt stitched together, I added stuffing as I went. This one character took over two hours to create; I hadn’t done much sewing before so this was a practice piece.

Considering this feltie only fits in the palm of your hand, it was a bigger challenge than I expected. But I thought the outcome was worth it.



Phase 1: Learn to knit

I was inspired to learn to knit by seeing the many charities asking volunteers to make blankets and scarfs, and wanted to try to help.

I had a beginners knitting set given to me with the intention of making a scarf.

Learning to knit was a real challenge for me; I want to start something again if it doesn’t look perfect straight away and while learning to knit my work looked far from perfect.

I learned to cast on, knit and purl using online tutorial videos uploaded by other knitters. Understanding whether I should knit or purl the next line was difficult at first. I spent 2-3 hours practicing on my this piece, but decided that knitting might not be something I would be able to continue doing as it took me a long time to create something I wasn’t satisfied with. I think if I decide to take up this hobby again I will invest in joining a class or group to be able to make the most of it. However, I am proud of what I did achieve.



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