Drawing the Marvel way

My art style is a little more cutesy than the standard Marvel style, but I love trying new things so when I saw this magazine while food shopping I thought it was worth a try for 99p!

I’ll admit the free metal ruler was the clincher in my buying this magazine, I needed one anyway for when I start drawing my graphic novel, so why not have a browse. It also came with a 2h pencil, fineliner and a putty rubber so is well worth the price.

20160131_150224_resizedIt is a nice magazine, it is aimed at those new to drawing and goes into the basics of cartoon anatomy, faces and discusses the changes in style over the decades. My favourite things about it though was the pull out sketch paper in the middle, very clever addition.

I was very keen to get this out and attempt drawing Spidey. The paper is ruled to match the sizes of the drawings in the magazine, plus a couple of character outlines so you can grasp the proportions from the start. I grabbed out the pencil and rubber, lay the paper down on my fancy new living room floor in front of the french doors, and put on the first beingboss podcast, then I was ready to start!


There is little text to consider so a lot is mainly copy what you see. I have a lot of experience drawing people (though not bulky Marvel types) so I think the drawing started out okay. It was helpful to draw the shapes of the muscles, to consider where the lumps and bumps of the human body are.

The pencil is fine, the putty rubber is nice, and I was surprised at how nice the fineliner was (as a cheap magazine I wasn’t expecting much).

This issue doesn’t go into inking, it mentions it will go into this later and advices the reader to outline what they’ve done for a more professional look. I liked the final drawing, I think it looked like the original image. It was a lot of fun actually, considering it was a boring pose and not something I’m likely to replicate in my book.


I’m unsure whether I’ll be purchasing the rest of the series. For those new to drawing I think it is a great resource for learning to draw people, and I imagine the rest of the series will continue this.


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