Community Action Octant – Phase 1

Phase 1 of an octant must be about trying new things and should last for a couple of hours. These are the adventures I had to achieve Phase 1 of the Community Action Octant …

Phase 1: Assist on games stall at Church Summer Fate

When it was announced that our Church would be running a Summer Fate in 2014; I put my name down to help assist with side show games.

I had already created some games as part of our District Star Quest event, so donated these to the fate alongside half a day running the games. Together with Mum, we ran the bean bag toss, ping pong toss, tin can alley, pick a lollipop and higher or lower.

At times we were very busy running all the games, but it was good fun and we helped the Church to raise money.


Phase 1: Organise Bring and Buy sale for Brownies to raise money for local animal shelter

The Brownies had asked to run an event for charity and decided that a Bring and Buy Sale would be ideal. In the Autumn Term 2013 we had spent time discussing the new Promise and its change from serving the country to serving the community. To emphasise this the Brownies chose a local pet re-homing charity as the cause to raise money for.

On the evening the Brownies brought old toys, books and games and spent their time buying new things with a little pocket money. We also ran a couple of side show games and sold biscuits and drinks with the proceeds going to the cause. Some parents and siblings came along at the end of the evening to join in the fun. In total the girls raised £47.00.


Phase 1: Send letters and cards to children through Post Pals charity

Originally I discovered this charity and assisted the Brownies in making packs of letters, drawings and puzzles to send to very ill children to make them smile. Each six was assigned a child of a similar age to write to.

I thought this was a very worthwhile charity so continued to write to children on occasions. While shopping I would look for cheap, colourful cards to write messages in, and while on holiday I picked up interesting postcards to write when I got home. One I really liked was a postcard of Barcelona FC football ground which I sent to one football crazy boy.




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