Community Action – Phase 2

Phase 2 of an octant should take at least 12 hours to complete, it can be a continuation of Phase 1 or something new. For my Phase 2 I continued a project I had enjoyed starting in Phase 1.

Phase 2: Post Pals Monthly Projects and Fortnightly Writing

From October 2014 I started dedicating more time to the Post Pals charity when I discovered the additional projects that volunteers can help with. I started with the ‘Mrs Claus’ Christmas project. I was assigned an 8 year old boy called Dominic and was tasked with writing him letters to send in December from Mrs Claus. I wrote three letters, one for each week of December, giving some insight into what was happening at the North Pole. For Christmas I also sent him a Christmas card from Mrs Claus and a pack of Marvel top trumps (Dominic’s Post Pal page shows he likes superheroes).


I also took on the Christmas monthly project of being a Christmas Elf. I was assigned teenager Anna-Mae to send a Christmas gift. The project has a £15 limit and with that I bought Anna-Mae some stationary, a make-up set and a giant Smartie tube. Anna-Mae’s page shows she likes make-up and writing letters so hoped she would like the gift. I wrapped the items in a box and posted it to her in time for Christmas.

Following these projects I decided to become a ‘fortnightly writer’ so emailed the charity to request I be assigned a child to write to. The charity askes volunteers to write twice a month to a chosen child to ensure all children will receive some post. I asked if there was a girl aged 6-9 without a fortnightly writer as then I could include stories and activities from Brownies. I was assigned a 5 year old girl called Ruby, whose brother Alfie has a form of Leukaemia. Their page shows Ruby likes cinema, arts & crafts, drawing, Minecraft and role play so in my first letter I sent her some Frozen stickers, colouring pages and wrote about the bird feeders we made at Brownies. I drew a picture of a robin for her to colour in.

I continued to send her fortnightly updates of what I was up to and included drawings, jokes and the occasional gift. I spent two hours creating a feltie for Ruby. From her interests the only thing I could create that would be meaningful was a Minecraft creeper. On Alfie’s Post Pals page Ruby’s Mum referenced the feltie I’d sent and thanked me for it. I found that I had more time to offer than the time it spent to write to Ruby so I also sent messages to other children which the charity stated needed extra care.


If you have some time to spare please consider assisting Post Pals, you don’t need to sign up if you cannot make a regular commitment, just find a child to write to and send them some post! Find out more here!


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