April Highlights!

So I’m not updating the blog regularly, I wish I could but I also really wish I had time for a lot of things! I’m spending more time writing and drawing; even running Brownies has taken a hit the last 6 months. I will continue updating everything I did to complete Look Wider.

I opened up this new blog post though to discuss the month we’ve just finished. I’ve recently been following the work of Frannerd: http://frannerdsblog.blogspot.co.uk/ and I enjoy her monthly favourite things.

I like the idea of recapping the month, in the future I can look back on what I was up to at a certain time in my life. It is also a great opportunity to draw different things.

So no more introduction, here is my monthly highlights:


  1. Finally read The Walking Dead book twelve. James bought me this for Christmas (along with a volume every preceding Christmas for about 6 years). We didn’t realise 2 books came out last year so this was the wrong one! We waiting until we had the money then bought book eleven, and now I’ve read them both I’m so excited for the next one. The story is just so unexpected at times!
  2. I received my Commonwealth Award and Chief Guide Challenge badges! We had a district fun day this month and the county commissioner presented me with my sparkly badges. I’m so proud to wear them on my badge tab. (I know I should only wear one as an adult member, but I’ve never had the opportunity to wear both).
  3. I discovered a secret. One of the motivational speakers I listen to one YouTube suggested listening to motivational audio books in the car, I spend at least an hour and a half on the road on my commute so thought it was a good idea. This Secret though, it works wonders for me. Please check it out.
  4. I saw the Jungle Book this month, I really loved it. I love going to the cinema, it makes watching a film an event, and we spend a lot more time discussing it afterwards. I liked the hint of Bare Necessities but I didn’t think I Want To Be Like You fitted with the way King Louie was portrayed (and I LOVE that song!)
  5. I met a brand new human this month, baby Aaron! My friend Amy had a little boy and we went to meet him, he is such a cute little baby with so much awesome hair.
  6. I’m running again on a regular basis, it feels great. I hate myself when I stop, it is a struggle in the morning but 3 times a week is fair.

So that is my April in a nutshell (the good stuff at least!) I hope to create one of these posts once a month with the fun things going on with my life. The next one should include some Thorpe Park and Comic Con!


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