International – Phase 2

Phase 2 of an octant should take at least 12 hours to complete, it can be a continuation of Phase 1 or something new. For my Phase 2 I took on a challenge with my Brownies which took up a lot of time and hopefully made a difference to some people’s lives.

Phase 2: Complete Together We Can Volunteer with Brownies + Backpack Project (Millennium Development Goal)

In the Autumn term of 2011 we ran the Together We Can project with the Brownies. The girls tried out a range of activities based on the 8 Millennium Development Goals, such as trying to play a game without being able to read the instructions, collecting a meal with food from the different food groups on, a game around mosquitos and a game around being given food from aid helicopters.

After the Brownies decided on ‘Ending Poverty and Hunger’ as the goal they wished to help we ran more activities relating to this. One of these involved the girls making a football out of newspaper, plastic bags and string to show how children living in poverty need to be creative with what they play with.

Once the Brownies had learned more about poverty and how it affects parts of the world they wanted to take action. We gave them two options to choose between, fundraising to send farming animals to communities or volunteering to collect school bags and educational equipment for children too poor to attend school.

The Brownies chose to support ‘Mary’s Meals Backpack Project’ and volunteered to collect items to send in backpacks. In total we collected 11 completed backpacks filled with stationary, second hand clothes, flip flops, hygiene products and a tennis ball. The project took many weeks to complete, plus one evening for the girls to pack the bags and lots of time after the meeting to ensure the bags had all the right items inside. We also had extra bags and boxes filled with stationary and clothes that were also donated to the project. I then needed to arrange for the items to be collected and sent to Africa. A few weeks later the unit received a certificate confirming the backpacks had arrived and distributed in Malawi.

marys meal cert2


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