Personal Values – Phase 1

Phase 1 of an octant must be about trying new things and should last for a couple of hours. These are the challenges I faced for Phase 1 of the Personal Values Octant …

Phase 1: Donate Blood

Having researched blood donation online and followed their informative guide to your first session I booked an appointment in 2011. I felt quite nervous as I didn’t know how it would feel to give blood.

First I was asked to drink a large glass of water and had a consultation with a nurse who checked I was okay to give blood that day. A small amount of blood was taken from my finger and tested. I was then sent to a waiting area before being called to a bed. After the needle was inserted it took about 10 minutes for the correct amount of blood to be taken.

I found out my blood group is A positive, this is a common blood group so lots of people will require donations of this type. I have also returned for many more donations.

I feel blood donation is an important thing to do as one day myself or my family may need to receive this from other people so feel I should give back too.

Phase 1: Understanding the new Promise with the Brownies

When Girlguiding announced a consultation would take place to discuss the Promise I made sure I gave my opinions on their survey. I felt it was important to open the Promise up to allow people of all faiths to say it without issue so was interested to see wording options that presented this.

On the revelation of the new Promise I knew we would need to have a session at Brownies explaining the new words. Some girls were initially confused by the change, especially some who were unhappy with the removal of ‘to love my God’. However we discussed how the change to the line ‘to develop my beliefs’ still meant ‘to love my God’ to those girls who choose it to, but can be open to others to promise their own beliefs.

We spent the evening doing activities to help the Brownies understand the new Promise. We held a multiply choice quiz with a range of scenarios and answers to show what the girls would do in certain situations, and therefore by doing what they think is right they were being ‘true to themselves’.

We also discussed what their beliefs might be, from environmental, friendships and religion. And also each girl wrote on post-its some ways they had helped other people that week.

Phase 1: Online course in ‘Introduction to Bullying Prevention’

With access to free online courses on ‘Universal Class’ I decided to take on a subject that could become useful as a Brownie leader. I chose ‘Introduction to Bullying Prevention’ as I felt it could be used within the unit if bullying ever became an issue, but could also be used as a subject to teach the girls about friendship and standing up to bullies.

The course first introduced the roles of a bully, a victim and a bystander. It became clear that both bullies and victims can have low self-esteem but act out in different ways.

It then explained the different ways children are bullied, from verbal and physical to online cyber-bullying.

The course is aimed at parents, teachers and people involved in children’s lives so the main bulk of the course focused on ways to prevent bullying. First was to ensure children know what bullying is, how it feels and to know it is wrong to be a bully. Talking to children about bullying, discussing it when it comes up in books and on TV and running through role plays explaining was to say to bullies were all key ideas to battle it.

One unit of the course was about building self-esteem, as children with high self-esteem are statistically less likely to be affected by the issue. This is an area I feel is important to run through with children, especially girls.


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