Coach to 5K plus – still a negative

The NHS Couch to 5k program is brilliant and I always recommend it to new runners. When I take a break from running I use it to slowly build up stamina again and right now I’m running 30 minutes three times a week. My pace has been getting noticeably quicker too. I’m roughly around the 4.5k mark at 30 minutes now. So this morning I got up and ready for my Wednesday morning run and saw myself flick through my ipod to the Couch to 5k plus podcasts.


Why do that? Why?

I remember this was a disappointment last time, but that was years ago and right now I was only running 30 minutes for a few weeks previous. Maybe this would help my speed.


The Couch to 5k plus programme may be great for some people, but I was already too fast for this. The podcast voice-over talks about getting faster, and keeping up with the pace. But I found the same problems I have in December 2013 (a blog post I just re-read to see my thoughts back then). The same issue of the pace being too slow, the timings being confusing and the beat being over complicated for the musically challenged like myself.

I hate writing this, it feels like I’m saying I’m too good for this podcast, but it doesn’t come with any warnings about who it is aimed at – just 5k graduates looking to get faster.

Just a reminder to myself when I have these little ideas to try this again, please don’t. You will have a weak workout and feel you wasted the effort. Just DON’T do it!


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