How to make slime with Brownies (UK!)

I don’t think you can spend time around a Junior school aged child and not hear about slime at the moment. It seems to be everywhere!

At Brownies we have a tradition that the girls moving up the Guides attend one final evening at the start of term and stay on for Guides straight after, a double session. We also use this as an opportunity to let the leaving girls decide the meeting’s activity, whether it be something new or repeating an old favourite.

Last summer I asked two girls due to leave at Christmas what they wanted to do, and they were excited to make slime! I was nervous as I’d tried a recipe the previous year and it did not work at all, but I wanted to be able to give them a special last session.

I did some research and found an awesome UK recipe (For lack of a better word!) using items easily found in a local supermarket.

How to make slime at Brownies!

Per four Brownies you’ll need:

The links will take you to the exact products I used, you’ll probably find similar in other shops. We gave the choice of green or pink food colouring.

  1. Split the Brownies into groups based on what colour slime they’d like to make, then group the Brownies into threes or fours depending how many bottles of glue & eye solution you have.
  2. Give each group one food container box to create their mix. Start by giving each group the 150ml of PVA glue to pour into the food container.
  3. Supervise each group as they drip a couple drops of food colour into the mix (less is more! Most of our pink slime turned out brown!) and instruct the Brownies to use the plastic spoons / wooden lolly sticks to mix the colouring into the glue.
  4. Give each group a spoon and let them put the headed teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda into the mix and continue mixing.
  5. Finally, a few drops at a time, add the eye lens solution / eye drops. Mix and then add more as needed. As the Brownies mix it’ll become thicker to the point they can pick it up and squish it. Keep going until it looses stickiness and becomes a solid mixture you can stretch and mould.
  6. Split the mixture between the Brownies and give each a food container to take it home in.
  7. Warn the Brownies that the mixture will become watery in a day or so unless regularly moulded, so keep it in the container!

This was such a brilliant evening, much better than I’d imagined. Many of the older Brownies had made slime at home, and were surprised at the amount of bicarbonate of soda they needed to add. But they were very pleased with how it turned out, saying it was the best slime they’d made, and were thanking me for introducing this version to them!

I wish I could show you images but they all have the Brownies very shocked and excited faces in them!

At our Brownies we split it between groups of three or four due to the cost of the eye drops, you might find cheaper so that the girls can have more slime, but I also felt working in groups helped the Brownies learn about team work.


Sheldon Cooper – Feltie

This was my first thought when I considered designing my own feltie creations. Round head. Beady eyes. Red and yellow flash shirt. I made a Sheldon Cooper feltie.

‘The Big Bang Theory’ has to be my favourite comedy of the moment and no character beats Sheldon. Ever. I realise a lot of people find him annoying but the comedy comes from the fact that we people do not need to deal with him. Therefore we can watch and enjoy. I cannot stand Leonerd. A lot of people would react the same as Leonerd but I think he comes across as petty in the show when he gets his little ‘wins’. I like Howard a lot more now he is with Bernadette, it gave his character more dimensions than just an older Jay from The Inbetweeners. And Raj is hilarious, second favourite character behind Sheldon. Penny is funny too, but I prefer her when she is having banter with Sheldon. Bernadette and Amy are hilarious too, I cannot decide which female character is best. And that is why the show is great, too many good characters.

So my endless watching of Big Bang repeats lead the image of a feltie Sheldon into my mind. I won;t make you wait much longer. Let me introduce you to him;

Isn’t he cute! Alright he has very little in the way of expression and his shoulders are WAAAY to broad but I like him. He;s my new bestie.

I noticed the mistakes as I was putting him together but I’m glad I didn’t stop. It is my usual nature to give up on something when I know it is wrong but I knew I would learn from the mistakes more if I had a finished piece.


Lesson #1 – Rounder shoulders. Seriously, Sheldon looks like The Hulk. There are few characters I could make that would require such shoulders. And the padding of the shirt also increased this bulked up image.

Lesson #2- Stitching the hair can give the impression of curly hair.

Another area I will try to improve on the next one is the attachment of the shirt and trousers. Stitching them one above the other gave a squashed waist look. Maybe I could attach the front felt of the shirt to the front felt of the trousers, and then the back felt of the shirt to the back felt of the trousers. Make the body like one big feltie piece.

I was planning on making some Scott Pilgrim characters next but maybe while I am still experimenting I will stick with Big Bang and make a collection. I will update as and when.

Medal Craft Idea – Brownies Pack Holiday


For our unit this will be the first pack holiday in years. The last one I’m aware of was when I was 6 and my Mum brought me along during the days. The theme was Robin Hood and we did Archery and lots of princess crafts.

This pack holiday is being put together by myself. I’ve got so many things to consider it is getting crazy. Luckily a first aid refresher is coming up so we will all be up to date on that. But it is the Parents meeting I am dreading. Everyone’s eyes on me. All wondering if I have a clue what I’m talking about.

So, the theme is Olympics, and to get their Brownie Holiday badge they need to make a keepsake. So what better than a Brownie medal. I didn’t want them to be traditional gold, silver and bronze medals. They would all want gold. And they would look a tad unoriginal. So I’ve decided they will have the choice of foam in a range of bright colours. Also I’ll get some glittery foam to make them pretty. I’m not usually one for pretty and girly at Brownies, but the rest of the weekend will be sports and games so it would be a balanced programme.

I got LOADS of stickers after my trip to Orlando as I was making a scrapbook of our adventures. I still have lots of letters leftover so I will donate them to this craft. I also have a lot of stars and comets (which if you rotate look like olympic flames). Hopefully there is enough to go around without too many crying.

Thought they should be two-sided as well, gives the girls more to work on. And if they finish they can make  Greek olive leaf crowns as well.

Still need to make the templates but that won’t take long. At least it is something on the programme ready to go.

Puppy – Feltie

I finished him. Although he still looks a little lopsided. I removed his head and tried to sew it straight but he still leans to one side. I hope my Nan realises he is supposed to have one leg longer than the other.

I copied the head from the Sailor Puppy and made the body shorter so he looks like he is standing like a regular puppy would (sailor puppies can stand on their back legs, don’t you know.)

I haven’t sent him yet. Need to get a stamp today. I’ll update this when I get my Nan’s responce.

The Craft Craze of Felties

If you asked me 6 months ago what felties are I wouldn’t have known. I probably would’ve had a guess that it was a form of fuzzy felt. (I miss fuzzy felt.) But the idea of making cute little critters out of felt would not have come to mind.

On Christmas 2011 my brother’s girlfriend gave me a book called ‘Felties’ written by Nelly Pailloux. Instantly I was hooked, just by looking at the cover. Hollie must have known I’d been getting into crafts recently with my holiday scrapbook and handmade cards. This was perfect for me. Just days after Christmas I was in Hobbycraft collecting thread and beads to go with the felt I had be given with the book. Before the start of the new year this little one was born:

(The picture is about three times the size of the little puppy!)

Within a week another was born. I picked the Lion as I only had limited thread colour to choose from.

The step-by-step instructions in the book make it easy to follow but it does require concentration. The stitch around the edge of the felt looks quirky but a wonky line can bring down the quality. So making these critters is time consuming. I usually want to get it complete in one sitting but then the stitching looks terrible as I lose concentration by the end. I made one last night which had this problem so I will rework it before she is posted. (Posted on this blog I mean, but I will also be posting her to my Nan once completed.)

So far I’ve been learning the skills through the book. I’ve created the Panda and Alien, as you can see:


However I will soon move on to creating my own creatures. If you Google ‘Felties’ and search for images you will see so many people making these critters and it is deffinetly a good place to start. But I want some original work too. The dog I was working on last night was a variation of the sailor puppy. Instead I made her a regular puppy with a red bow. I’ve got plenty of ideas to put into felt but first I need some time to do it. I’ll post new updates when they are created.