In the Olympic Stadium

I live a short District Line journey away from Central London, and a short overground train journey away from Stratford, so when the tickets for the London 2012 Olympics came up it was too easy to put in a booking. We didn’t get anywhere near what we wanted. However my Mum did stumble upon tickets inside the Stadium for the athletics. I’ve always been a major Olympics fan, and took part in my fair share of sprinting events in Primary School, so Mum offered me the second ticket. I was soooo excitied.

As the time came closer and the events became clearer we realised we would be seeing Usain Bolt in the 200m semi-final! That was a top Olympic live moment for me.

Anyhoo, I’ll take the day back to the beginning. Mum and I took the day off work and headed down the the Olympic Park in Stratford. Every moment from the first step we took out the station was electric. The atmosphere was something unimaginable. People from all over the globe had come here to for the same reason. Even though we weren’t to go into the Stadium until 6 we arrived at the stadium at 11am to make sure we got to see everything.

We saw the Stadium, the Orbit, the gardens, the McDonalds (you can’t not really), and several other arenas. The walk between the Stadium where we entered the park, and the Velodrome was 30 minutes. We luckily had enough time to fit everything in. The store was massive, but still not big enough for all the people wanting merchandise! We queued to get in, we joined a crowd which turned out to be the check-out queue, we bought our fair share of toot, loved it!

On our walk around we encountered a few strange telephone boxes. On closer inspection the boxes had text stuck around them explaining the transformation this land has undertaken to become the Olympic Park. One spoke of how on that very spot a mountain of discarded fridges once sat.

We climbed into the stadium as soon as we could (needed the sit down!) and we really did climb. Our seats were row 60-something which meant near the top. However I think anywhere you sit in the arena you get a good view (and better than the front row seats, although the atmosphere there is completely different, that’s another story).

That evening we saw a range of events. It started with men’s high jump and javelin. We were sat at the high jump end so we were alot more engrossed in this event (thought the minis used to transport the javelings back to the competitors were cute!) Our first glimpse of Team GB was in the 100m Hurdles semi final, and our athlete just made it through. We also saw the final in the same evening, and it was so close but he came in just 4th. Would we see a team GB medal?

The evening was filled with track events, from 1500m long distances to 200m sprints. The evening came to a end on the man everyone wanted to see, Usain Bolt. It had been hyped that he wasn’t as fit as he was and that Blake could take him. We would find out in this semi-final.

Of course he won!

This blog just has not done the day justice. I’m tired. I haven’t written in months. Work is getting stressful, lots of planning to do for Brownies, I’ve returned from holiday wanting to change what I’m doing at the moment. I’m starting swimming, I want to learn to cook, and I want to get this blog going again. I’m so tired. I hope I re-do this blog one day and give the day the justice it deserves because it truely one of the best days of my life. I felt so happy.