Dune Buggy on Futureventura

James and I took a holiday to Lanzarote in October. We looked into all sorts of days out. We went in a submarine, around volcanoes, an aloe vera farm and a local market. James wanted to do something more exciting. That’s when we discovered the Dune Buggy tours. I was nervous of it, I don’t like driving at the best of times. So I wanted to sit in the passenger seat while James did the driving he loves.

We found a company that does tours in Futureventura. This is one of the canary islands and was only a 30 minute ferry ride away. This was perfect as we wanted to see Futureventura anyway so we put all the experiences into one.

When we boarded the ferry we were given a black and white wristband which showed the tour company on the other island that we were for the buggy tour. I started to get nervous as I couldn’t see anyone else on the ferry with these wristbands, and we were late! Luckily there was a large family of older people doing the buggy tour too so we formed a new group who went out a little later than we were supposed to. Unfortunatly they were all French! Nothing against the French, only the guide had to talk to us sepeartly as we don’t speak French and they didn’t speak English.

The others were all on quad bikes, we were the only ones in a buggy, but it was much easier to see the landscape in my opinion. I took loads of photos.


We saw plenty of volcanoes and rocky landscape. We ventured onto the local roads. We went to a beach wherethe water was so clear. We searched for little creatures in rock pools.


When the tour finished we had a proper look at each other, the dirt on our faces! We both had sunglasses on the whole time, so when we took them off you could really see the filth! My hair was massive. My legs looked like they had a dodgy fake tan. We didn’t care though because we looked filthy together. We had a drink after before getting the ferry back.

I think next time I will have a go. It seemed fun, but then we would be alone throughout the tour. Oh well.

Oh, and now I also know that they’re not actually known as Doom Buggies!