Snow Jedward

Yes you read right.

When the snow came earlier this year it was the first time James and I got to enjoy it together. No work for either of us. I really wanted to make a snowman so we set about making one in my garden. I always find it amazing that it just rolls up like carpet.

We wanted a proper three part snowman and it was tough work getting one lump of snow onto the other. The head was just gettingĀ sorted when I dumped a load of snow on top – then laughed at the idea of making Jedward out of snow. We started pointing the hair up. Then we decided to go for it! Make a Jedward. A Jedward? Well, he wouldn’t look right on his own. (And I’d already decided this was Edward.) So while I worked on the face James started rolling up more snow for a second Jedward.

Google Jedward if you don’t know what I’m going on about (and prepare to be wowed.)

And these were our creations;

John on the left, Edward on the right. We made Edward first and that’s why John looks a little smaller. James even made the shoulderpads they sometimes where. They have twigs for arms in symetrical poses – wish they were clearer in the photo.

My Mum thought they were pixies or gnomes. (Too much Brownies for somebody.) But I guess that is what they really look like. I don’t care, they’re Jedward to me. … Well they were until some hooligan took their heads in the middle of the night. Must have actually taken them because there were no remains.


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